Donate Please!

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Donate Please!

I am an American disabled veteran living in Iceland with my Icelandic wife. My main disabilities are P.T.S.D. and Raynauds Phenomenon. In 2012 my wife and I decided that we would move here to Iceland to figure things out because she has a son (now 13). I was able to get a decent job (for a foreigner) but my wife is unable to work because of illness. We have been struggling here on single income where the cost of living is horribly high. These few things are added to the following. First off we own an apartment which we pay a mortgage. My wife has owned it for a few years. We have a neighbor upstairs who, when he is home, parties constantly or is just purposely loud knowing that he is keeping us awake all night. We have stayed awake for 4 days at a time one time WITH going to work for 8 to 10 hours. We tried for the first year just to talk to him about it nicely. Then when he started slamming the door on us we began to call the police. This was when he and his friends started defacing our property and threatening us.      We have had our lives threatened multiple times, I have been attacked physically several times. The police can not do anything here because of their laws. If I have no witness then there is no crime. So when I am staying up for days fighting 3 guys at a time, they always win. We did have the Chief of Police tell him to stop but that lasted for a few days only. So this is going on. Not to mention that he will party all night and then leave to sleep somewhere else and when he leaves, the neighbors downstairs wake up with their kids and are super loud so we just do not sleep well. It is too expensive to move somewhere else in Iceland because of the extreme prices people are charging now and also we are worried because of the death threats (it is a tiny country). I thought of going to the USA by myself to get things settled but I cannot leave my wife and step son alone here with these people.
Every time we try to save money and actually save some money to pay for the Immigration to the USA we end up running into some problem that was unexpected and having to pay all our money to another situation.
We have a 6 year old car in the USA (that I saved 6 months pay in Iraq to buy)which we are about to lose. The last time we visited the USA for my Grandfathers funeral my father promised me to take care of it and told me that I should leave it with him. Now he tells me he sold his house and I have 1 week to get it out of there. It has no insurance currently (just storage) and to put it back on regular insurance will cost me over 1,000 USD for the year. So of course this comes just at the same time as we finally sent out Immigration documents to the US. So now, I cannot afford to save my car which is like brand new. I cant sell it because we plan on moving there and will need it.
I am just trying to see if anyone out there will be willing to donate 1, 2, 5, 10 dollars to us to help us save our care and get out of this horrible situation and get ourselves into a better life.
I would be lying if I said we were poor or something. I make just enough money on single income to pay for the majority of our bills and get us some food for each month. (My Disability pays for food) but anything you would be able to donate would help us a lot!


Everything’s Going Your Way

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Enjoy this oldie but goody. I love this song and remember my mother singing it when waking us up in the morning. So have a GREAT day everyone and make everyday the best!


I Almost forgot the music

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I like all types of music. Today I am going to share a main page track from Soundcloud that I was listening to before. This is just a violin and orchestra track that is nice called The Spirit Flies. Enjoy. Have a nice Monday.

Eba Woo Wok!

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When I am not making music or writing or wasting my life away on Minecraft, I am very much a nerd. I know that anyone reading my post will possibly be a nerd like wise. (If not here is a redirect to the MTV website)

Anyway I love finding interesting items from around the world and interwebs. Here is a little something I came across this morning.

Ewok mask print out! If you are a Star Wars fan you will enjoy this I guess. I printed out 5000 of them to give to all the kids in town so that I can feel like I am on Endor again. Enjoy!

Good Morning Saturday!

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My wife and I are being lazy today. I played some Minecraft this morning but their server is still being silly so I thought I would make a little recording for everyone. This is a song for morning walks and lazy days. Maybe you can listen while you walk or while you be lazy doing what ever it isn’t that lazy people do. Enjoy!

Morning Walk by WonderCal

Donations Enjoyed!

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Because I am unemployed, I will put this up. All of the music I post here is 100% free…But I appreciate donations! Thanks for your support!


No rest for the wicked…

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I have always had trouble sleeping especially after my first tour in Iraq. One night I came across this silly website that had some music tools. I spent all of my waking hours (that night) playing with these “games” and decided to create what my brain sounded like, the reason I could not sleep. Here it is! Do not go crazy from listening and enjoy the music journey.